SILENTLIE Layers Of Nothing

Trieste in Northern Italy is the home of Rhapsody of Fire and also those Italian goth rock alchemists SilentLie whose lead vocalist is Giorgia Sacco Taz.

After ten years of trial and toil the band have finally released their debut album Layers Of Nothing (released on Bakerteam Records.)

The title-track is out now on video.

SilentLie  - Translucent and seductive...

SilentLie – Translucent and seductive…

We had a listen:

Lament-filled strings haunt the edges of this song, whilst it is otherwise robust and strong — with huge sturdy rafters of guitar and such noble percussion.

Giorgia has an imploring voice. It is translucent and seductive.

And there is no doubt that this song has a contagious quality.

At about the 1:30 mark your head starts to nod as your skeleton absorbs those bruises in the rhythmic movement…

Then this song grows in your heart — as your brain oxidizes.

Twisting metal spell-craft with with a voice so esoteric and so divine that it might still drive away the slaves of malice.


Words: @neilmach 2015 ©





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