VANITY RIOTS Endlessly Rocking

If you are missing a bit of glamour and sleaze in your life, then maybe you should check out the Sydney (Australia) hard rocking outfit Vanity Riots.

Songs like “Endlessly” (2014) have all the snarl and swagger you might expect from a classic 1990’s rock-hard band … but there is also an intriguing slice of metalcore sound here too.

And that’s what sets this out from the rest.

Vanity Riots - Irresistible voice...

Vanity Riots – Irresistible voice…

The excitement of that irresistible voice from Monica Strut is a study in fervor as the guitarist Vojislav ‘Voya’ Milutinovic [also with Lakoudis] provides strand-upon-strand of silvery sound that illuminates the entire back-drop.

All the while, the bass guitar (Blake Cateris) mutters and grumbles below, along with the spattered clattering of the most energetic drum-work (Jase Canelas ) you can imagine.

Sure-fire excitement and vivid passion for fans of metal, and hard-rock aficionados everywhere.


Words: @neilmach 2015 ©





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