ELYOSE De Guerre Lasse

For something really quite different try De Guerre Lasse by French Electro Metal band Elyose.

Elyose - Expressive and exorbitant..

Elyose – Expressive and exorbitant..

A flurry of activity opens up for the (sometimes) synthesized voice that draws in the spotlight.

The voice belongs to the expressive and exorbitant Justine Daaé.

Meanwhile, guitars in turmoil (Marc De Lajoncquière) continue their chattering and sighing. And the beat moves briskly along.

Yes, auto-tune is at play here (artistically used) and the battery of seismic drums is layered electronically. But why would you stop loving this passionate music just because the band have experimented (cleverly) with technology?

The guitar solo is bright as it chases through the number… pursued by leggy bass guitar ( Ghislain Henry ) and there are plenty of convincing percussive effects.

And that voice? Well, the dazzling determination is mesmerizing.


Words: @neilmach 2015 ©


Link: https://www.facebook.com/ElyoseOfficial/




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