Knoxville (TN) based Straight Line Stitch initially formed back in 2000 and issued an E.P. and a demo album before adding female vocalist Alexis Brown (Alexis was voted one of the worlds’ top fifty ‘Greatest Rock Stars’ by Kerrang! Magazine August 2011.)

The band defined who they were early on — and held onto their steadfast beliefs while making the natural progressions & growth of a truly committed touring band.

Straight Line Stitch has since been steadily ascending the ranks of metal through authentic and impassioned performances, an organic approach to song-writing and recording, and a tried & tested road warrior mentality towards touring.

Now a new EP entitled ‘Transparency’ is set to be released [30th June 2015 via Pavement Entertainment.]

voice is always totally entrancing

The voice is always totally entrancing

Our noble Scriba Pontificus had a listen:

This E.P. starts with ‘Out of the Shadows’ and some ominously jingling notes that are set against an ocean of worrying darkness.

A nagging down-beat grabs the tassels of your soul as the ghostly apparition-like voice wafts in.

This takes you resolutely by the hand, perhaps protesting,  it drags you into the fury of dark matter.

This ‘Dark Matter’ is a fierce and rabid encounter.

Like being surrounded by a pack of ravenous werewolves. The guitars are sumptuously rendered and the percussion is cleverly relinquished.

But it’s those vocals that will amaze you and excite your heart.

Brown’s voice is, one moment, blanched and almost angelic in appetite — the next moment she becomes carnivorous and almost bestial. Yet that voice is always totally mesmerizing. This is a powerful number, full-on and furious.

Out of Body’ has similar nagging rhythms and portentous beginnings.

The voice is full of desire and intensity. It wisps like holy-smoke fluttered out from a pyre — allowing the blessed release of the spirit nebula.

Human Bondage’ is pitted with a dark strikes of elementary guitar — the meat & gristle is provided by a scurrilous voice that festers and burns into the heart of the matter. The chorus glistens like fresh blood on human skin.

Here is aggressive heavy metal with passionate voice , frequent melodic interludes, and musicianship that comes from a place of sincere and absolute authenticity.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©

The Video for “Human Bondage” will be out soon!

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