Thrilling and Iridescent — The Inspiring Debut from ELEINE

Eleine are a Swedish symphonic metal band, fronted by a singer with the same name. The band declare that they are about to take the genre one step further.

Eleine is a world-class alternative model, represented by the Chaos Models Agency . She freely admits to being inspired by the sounds of Sonata Arctica.

Rikard Ekberg (the band’s guitarist) is also the main songwriter, along with Eleine herself and co-writer (on this album) Christian Wolf.

The band is completed with David Eriksson (drums), Sebastian Berglund (keyboards) and Andreas Mårtensson (bass).

ELEINE - The main vocal is pearlescent in the sulfurous atmosphere...

ELEINE – The main vocal is pearlescent in the sulphurous atmosphere…

Our noble Scriba Pontificus had a listen to their self-titled debut album:

The main issue that lovers of progressive/dark metal have with the symphonic metal genre (though, to be fair, it is the main attraction for most members of the record-buying public) — is that there is often an over-reliance on energy creation in the studio…

Emphasizing virtuosity, over-producing & over-polishing rhythm lines, glossing-up keyboard melodies and creating all that spectacularly improbable vocal bombast

That’s why Metal Fans are beginning to turn away. The commercial approach is becoming formulaic. Symphonic metal is not as atmospheric as it once was. True fans are bored by the stagnation. So, when a band like Eleine strides in with some new ideas… It really makes you think.

Starting with ‘Land Beyond Sanity’ this has darkly jagged guitars that splinter and drop like rock-fall from the craggy tufts of Mount Doom.

The main vocal is pearlescent in the sulfurous atmosphere — and accompanied by wickedly corrupting moans and devilish cries.

The glorious guitar-break is electrostatic and played at breathtaking speed, creating a plasma of energy that fires right into your spiritual being.

The drama continues with ‘Destiny’ and the grandly operatic relationship that the vocal has with those darkly sinister droplets of guitar that seem to worm their way right into your inner-ear.

The silvery vocal shines splendidly above the blackened mesh. The song has an hypnotic melody and abundant ambition.

Yes, it is “commercial” in its Gothic artistry — but also retains the power of dark-evil deep in its bowels.

The album concludes with ‘Death Incarnate’ — a military march. Like an invasion of Wildings from Beyond the Wall.

This, too, is dark, mysterious and gloomy… Like waiting for a collection of storm clouds to cry out their wet misery.

There is no doubt that the unearthly guitar-lines will invade your subconscious and haunt your daydreams.

Symphonic metal needs to be strong to survive. And Eleine demonstrates the evolving nature of the genre — with some thrillingly beautiful vocals, majestic musical mastery, iridescent invention and awe-inspiring ambition.

Turn up the bass, crank the volume high and let this collection of songs wrap themselves around your immortal soul.


Words: @neilmach 2015 ©





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