A Third of All Hotel Rooms Have Now Gone — Act Now — TRONDHEIM METAL FEST 2015

The sixth cycle of the Trondheim Metal Fest is due this October.

And the new festival venue is the amazing Scandic Lerkendal — not only the newest hotel in Trondheim & one of the tallest buildings in Norway — but also one the biggest conference centers in Europe!


The finest in Norwegian black metal will be coming to TMF this Autumn when those amazing purveyors Aura Noir, plus Oslo’s metal experts Dødheimsgard & the incredible Khold take to the stage.



Sabaton will be playing their last Norwegian show in 2015 at the Trondheim Metal Fest. So this year it’s a must.

Also check out Hamferð, the atmospheric doom metal outfit from the Faroe Islands – they are one of a number of exiting bands on this year´s lineup.

A third of all the 400 hotel rooms at the Scandic Lerkendal are now booked, so you you need to get booking right now!

All the info is here: http://trondheimmetalfest.no/festival-info/hotel/

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