Live Review — DAKESIS at The Cellar Bar Oxford

The Prog-Power Metal band Dakesis from Birmingham UK came down to Oxford last weekend for a super-show at the The Cellar.

The Midlands four-piece mixes European power metal influences with home-grown heavy metal, plus a heavy dose of tongue-in-cheek cheese and a good pinch of contemporary Prog to create a unique brand of modern melodic metal.

Their latest release, the full length début album “Trial By Fire” — marks the result of two years dedicated hard labour.

The album was self-financed and produced by the band with the assistance of engineer Jack Traveller of Wyrmsblood Productions.

Matt, Dakesis - über-agile

Matt, Dakesis – über-agile

We managed to get along to see the Oxford show:

Into The Light’ was a see-sawing beast of a song.

With low, lumpy bass guitar (from the truly wonderful Amie Chatterley ) which was unhurried yet stalwart.

We also enjoyed wonderfully strong and authoritative lead vocals from the blue-haired and completely buxom Gemma Lawler. Plus the most exquisite guitar-work imaginable from Matt Jones. This song contained lots of poetic harmonization (drummer Adam Harris also provides supporting vox.) It was an incredible number.

The band also announced that they are working hard on a new album. And they introduced “Gap” to the public. Which is a song of destiny.

Speed-king style, this raced towards us like a stock-car smashing through a tyre-wall as it hurtled across shiny asphalt.

The vapor locked drums flared in exasperated fashion and the über-agile guitar (Matt is a bloody virtuoso performer, mark our words) created audio rivulets that flicked high into the air.

This song was a combustible mix of igniting layers of sound and enormous might.

Once the song was over, all that remained, it seemed, were red kites hanging over remains of carrion.

The show ended with a little Viking Metal and we all wassailed our hearts out. It was another fabulous show by this really talented band.


Words: @neilmach 2015 ©




Gemma Lawler

Gemma Lawler

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