Breaking Point Special — B-sides Compilation + U.S. Tour Dates for AMARANTHE

Those wondrous Swedish metal-workers Amaranthe have announced they will be releasing a special Digital-Only B-sides compilation featuring eight songs. The disc is to be titled Breaking Point – B-sides. The tracks are listed below the tour poster:

Amaranthe tour poster

“Hunger” (Acoustic)

“Afterlife” (Acoustic)

“Amaranthine” (Acoustic)

“Burn With Me” (Acoustic)

“Trinity” (Acoustic )

“True” (Acoustic)

“Breaking Point”

“Splinter In My Soul”

Additionally — Amaranthe will release a new video for the song “True” — which resides on 2014’s MASSIVE ADDICTIVE and which is acoustically rendered on the B-sides release.

Check out the US Tour Dates near you and see how their story began (back in 2011) with Hunger [below.]

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