The ancient kingdom of Rheged, which once stretched from the North Wales summits of Snowdonia to the chilly shores of Northumbria was lorded over by the Saxons yet stalked by the warriors of Cymri …

Those oath-sworn Welsh warrior-heroes still live on —  and in 2016 the tribes meet and march again when HRH AND METAL HAMMER join together at the craggy Pen Llŷn to present HAMMERFEST VIII

metal megalomaniacs REIGN OF FURY

metal megalomaniacs REIGN OF FURY

As you know, here at METAL AS RELIGION we love our heavy metal in all guises, sizes, shapes and assorted flavors!

And we’re really getting excited about this years edition of Hammerfest entitled WELSH WARRIORS.

The festival takes place 10-13 March 2016 at Camp HRH, Pwllheli, North Wales [all accommodation now SOLD OUT – there may be some limited availability of day passes]

With CRADLE OF FILTH and EXODUS headlining, plus of course, TURISAS and EVILE on stage too: This is going to be loud. And big.

It will be history making. There is no doubt of that…

sherrifs of rock — DRUGANAUT

sherrifs of rock — DRUGANAUT

But we are also looking forwards to —

London’s exhilarating and invigorating hard-rock heroes STONEGHOST, the legendary lethal, agile and tight skull-splitting intensity of those Helsinki nomads RANGER, the Midlands (UK) based metal megalomaniacs REIGN OF FURY, the high energy Newcastle sheriffs of rockDRUGANAUT and the London based groove-metal stoned-aged creations from ONE FOR SORROW.

If you want to join together — as a tribe — to celebrate all that is best in Heavy Metal — then HAMMERFEST is the place to come to rest your shield awhile, and share a foaming horn of ale with kindred oath-sworn brave-hearts…

ONE FOR SORROW - "groove-metal stoned-aged creations..."

ONE FOR SORROW – “groove-metal stoned-aged creations…”

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