What’s Up — With FURIAN

We have been following the Liverpool Hard Rock/Post-Hardcore outfit FURIAN for a while now and we loved their 2015 EP We Aren’t Who We Are which we described as “Rock with a touch of hardcore — full of emotional depth, well-placed hyperbole and defiant spirit…

So we are über-excited to reveal that their next big hitter WHAT’S UP will be out 4th of February accompanied by a smashing ‘n’ slick video.

Furian  -  amazing destructive emotion...

Furian – amazing destructive emotion…

Here at METAL AS RELIGION we have been enjoying a very early listen of the new song:

This crunches and bends with dark ridges and plenty of pounding grooves.

The potent vocals from Dan Martin Hall are often blood spilling growls … yet frustration and beauty are both present and control is never lost.

The unrelenting strength of the rhythms (Damien Campbell on drums with Abhi Tee on bass) help motivate the unstoppable adrenaline, with ever-present attacks of laser-sharp guitar from Joe Strode.

Here is truly destructive emotion – it sends shivers from your cortex right down to your primal roots

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©
Link: https://www.facebook.com/furianmusic

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