BLACK SHEEP is Out Now by SANGUINE  — Check Their New Video Here

We have been getting excited about the Exeter, Devonshire (UK) metal act SANGUINE  and their phenomenal new alt-rock album “Black Sheep”  [which we recently reviewed] and described as “Demonstrating contradictory styles… from mellow orchestrations to full blown metal crescendos via the (always) thoroughly fascinating and extremely emotional guiding influence of Tarin [lead vocals] ...”

So we are very pleased to share the new video for ‘Save Me’ — the third song to be taken from ‘Black Sheep’  — which was created in collaboration with the fast-rising young Australian director Tyson Wade Johnston, who has recently joined Warner Studios in Hollywood.

SANGUINE’S guitarist Nick Magee told us “We saw Tyson’s work and were blown away.  We sent him an email to see if he would consider letting us collaborate using his footage – he liked what we were doing so let us. It’s freaking awesome that he let us do that – artist to artist I think I respect that more than anything…

The video is cut through with slices from Tyson’s Sci-fi/Political thriller called “Lunar” which is a story set in Los Angeles City, 2057 – it’s a dystopian vision (of course) — but guess what? It’s not a million miles away from what we are experiencing right now. In other words, we are already living in the future nightmare that we fear most…

In our cities of the future we can expect 24 hour intrusive surveillance with CCTV scrutinizing our every move. There will be over armed policemen on every street corner (they will look like robots in their armored combat helmets) Drones will fly over our heads, spying on ordinary people, collecting ever-more ‘vital information.’ These drones will then identify ‘legitimate’ targets and be authorized (by invisible committees) to make deletions.

The determination and fervor from the voices on this track are shrouded by a grey gauze of abrasive swarf… from begrimed guitars, pelting drums and the dangerous shavings of bass.

The song is filled with solid chunks of splintered metallic machining…

The drama and the intense outcry is a gushing wave of emotion…  as this song opens up its veins to release a wave of life-giving energy, anger and fervent determination.

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©



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