Invisible Monsters EVAROSE — Album Review

The ever stronger, ever evolving and eva-wonderful EVAROSE from Oxfordshire UK — comprising of Dannika Webber, Imogen Leslie, Connie Raitt and Robyn Griffith — have now released their excellent album “Invisible Monsters” funded by fans on PledgeMusic.

EVAROSE - forceful upward strokes bright and cheery vocals ...

EVAROSE – forceful upward strokes bright and cheery vocals …

We had a listen:

Routes” is a little unsettling, atmospherically, with black ink instrumentals and punk guitars .

There are lots of ground-hugging bass-notes. So when the glorious chorus chimes in… it sends out a spine-tingling shiver and a shot through your cavities.

The second single from the EVAROSE debut album, titled Glitch, has a stunning new video [see below] and aches like a pang in the aorta.

The pace is moody, deliberately heavy, with ponderous steps and noisy frills.

It’s not as electrifying as “Provoke Me” though — that is filled with forceful upward strokes, bright and cheery vocals and encouraging slices of guitar. It is very fine stuff.

Someone Else to Blame” has sharp-tasting sour lyrics, superb mineral percussion and thumping-good bass-play. The vocals have more painkilling potential than a slug of cocaine in a can.

Thrilling rock full of electric charge, insect sting guitar-work and vital-organic voices. All female excitement with sophisticated musical subsurfaces that are consciously used to create joyful pop constructions. Reminding us of The Donnas.

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©





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