ELEINE — All Shall Burn

The Swedish symphonic metal band, fronted and formed by the mezzo-soprano singer with the same name ELEINE (Madeleine Liljestam) with guitarist Rikard Ekberg — have always emphasized atmosphere over bombastic commercial formula which is why — on their powerful compositions — silvery vocals shine magnificently above blackened mesh rhythms, hypnotic musical structures abound and the compositions are filled with ambition.

All Shall Burn

All Shall Burn – whiskery aphotic undertones….

Now the band follow-up last years “Until The End” full studio album (described as a heartfelt & emotional masterpiece) with a brand new and altogether darker, though no-less seductive, E.P. titled “All Shall Burn”.

The title track from this E.P. (the lyric video is shared below) has an incredibly glassy and incisive main vocal from Eleine with some Eastern-influenced male duetting by Rikard who also brings whiskery aphotic undertones to a majestic piece… this is the hottest symphonic metal around!

For fans of Sirenia, Tristania

Link: https://www.facebook.com/eleineofficial/

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