SYTERIA — Reflection + Live Shows

SYTERIA featuring the Girlschool legend JAX CHAMBERS (guitar) and with Julia Vocal (Calvo) on vox, Steph Dawson (bass) and Pablo Calvo (drums) will release their new crowd-funded album, titled “Reflection” on 21st February, via Syteria Records/Cargo Distribution. The four piece, Yorkshire UK rock outfit formed in 2015.

Combining classic rock modality with sandpapery, punk glissandos, excellent melodies and plenty of heart, SYTERIA has produced an undiluted ripsnorter of an album that should see them rapidly ascending the charts.

In this discouragingly mean world it’s good to find that Syteria bring songs of hope and fun, with harmonies and melodies you can’t refrain from singing out loud.

While the debut album was filled with protest and dismay, “Reflection” has a more thoughtful feeling but will still make a huge impact. Expressively, it will cause you to think about how to make your own choices… but deep down it’s a positive bundling of jubilation.

SYTERIA uses the old Solfeggio recording scale at 432hz instead of the standard 440hz … so you know, on this at least, you will be in tune with the Universe.

Syteria Reflection

Syteria Reflection


Pre-order the album here: 




Catch SYTERIA live at their upcoming shows:



Feb 9th Brickyard, Carlisle
5th March, Trillians, Newcastle
6th March, The Dragonffli, Pontypool
7th March, The Victoria, Swindon
12th March, Real Time Live, Chesterfield
13th March, The Rigger, Newcastle
14th March, Tapestry Arts, Bradford
15th March, King Billy rock bar, Northampton
20th March, Dreadnought Rock, Bathgate

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