ILLUMISHADE — Eclyptic, Wake Of Shadows

Delightful Swiss orchestral rockers ILLUMISHADE with the indubitable genius of Fabienne Erni on lead vocals with Jonas Wolf on guitars plus Yannick Urbanczik (bass), Marc Friedrich (drums) and Mirjam Schnedl (synth + orchestrations) will livestream their recently released “ECLYPTIC: Wake of Shadows” this Saturday, May 23rd 2020 (album released 15 May 2020)

The new album brings the amazing “World’s End” (premiered Jan 31, 2020) with all its optometric spectacle, mechanized musicality (reminiscent of the Dream Theater) and enough brilliance and operatic grandeur to set flame to a hohenzollern fortress.

Fabienne Erni

Fabienne Erni – symphonically sovereign

And speaking of battlements, the narrow piercing strings on “Rise” help perforate the heavy merlons in the sonic substructure to create something that feels huge but is actually light as a butterfly wing in the breeze. In this virtuous ballad, Fabienne’s five-octave vocal range comes into play. Simply empyrean.

Crystal Silence” (video shared below) is more buzzy and coarse-grained, with sparkling knurled guitars, vulcanized bass notes, and pearlized vocals rising above cloudy arrangements to bring in a chorus that is almost (but not quite) Sleeping Satellite (Tasmin Archer) — if not in rhyme, then in melody.

If you are looking for something that is vocally huge and symphonically sovereign, there is probably nothing better right now.


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