SMACKBOUND — Drive It Like You Stole It

If you can imagine the vital connectivity of Whitesnake-style blues-rock with a sandpapery voiced Lita Ford at the front then you’re gonna lurve the latest SMACKBOUND release “Drive It Like You Stole It” (video shared below) taken from the 2020 album named, rather conveniently 20/20 (due June 12th). Finnish singer, songwriter and actress Netta Laurenne brings posture and attitude to a song that is as powerful as a nitroglycerin mojito.

Netta Laurenne

Netta Laurenne – as powerful as a nitroglycerin mojito…

The superhuman superband consisting of Rolf Pilve on drums ( Stratovarius ), Teemu Mäntysaari on guitars ( Wintersun ), Tuomas Yli-Jaskari on bass ( Tracedawn ) and Vili Itäpelto on keys (Tracedawn) produce unmitigated energy, adulterate sin and an unbridled whirr of excitement.

This is arena rock for the headbangers in the crowd that prefer the likes of H.E.A.T over Lordi. In other words, lush, exuberant, and wet your panties breathless.




20/20 by Smackbound is available for PRE-ORDER NOW


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