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This sizzles like the backbone rind on some chops in the pan — charcoaled with lots of grooving bass… But have these anthrax-infected zombies turned into wimps?


The Swedish progressive rock outfit Xanima featuring Jade Ell on vocals and Pelle Händén on keys — have released their second album Prototype: Homo Sapiensis — which describes the complex journey of a soul. The vocal fastens around your vulnerability — as the charming succubus takes her serpentine tail to lash out with a lethal sting… Are you ready for this?


From the seaside town of Bournemouth UK comes rockers Voodoo Vegas. This Saturday, 4th October 2014, Voodoo Vegas headline The Barfly, London UK before heading out to Europe as special guests to Y&T. Meantime, you can catch their ‘No More’ lyric video – showcasing Voodoo Vegas’s full throttle driven, hard rock style. We had a…

KROKODIL Reptilia Familiar

KROKODIL – the new signing to Spinefarm Records, featuring members & previous members of Cry For Silence, Hexes, Gallows & SikTh – will be releasing their debut album, ‘Nachash’ on November 10th via Spinefarm. Following this, the band will embark on a tour [ dates below ] guesting with US metal giants Mastodon, taking their…


The name “Inherit The Stars” encompasses everything the band believes in. Fascinated by Space and the world we live in, the messages in the band’s songs range from the problems in the way our world is run and the way we run ourselves, to the wonderment of our existence and our place in the universe.…