Bloodstock METAL 2 THE MASSES Reading Heat 1

Reading’s own heavy-duty doom-casters ELDERSEER a 4-piece deluxe, dark-smoke, horror-dream — kicked off round one of M2TM 2018 at the FACE BAR Reading this Friday. Very muddy and moody, their tangled compositions were pierced with bible-black openings, through which boiled incandescent guitars. For creations smoked with melancholy, this band couldn’t be bettered. The clear favorites…

ISTWB — Facebarmageddon

The thrilling four piece will join an amazing line-up at Facebarmageddon this December

DERANGE — Live at Reading

Those totally exciting London-based heavy rockers DERANGE played a show at the fabulous FACE BAR venue in Reading, UK this week. We went to see …                                     The outfit — centred around Cat Pereira on vocals — and…