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Thrilling and Iridescent — The Inspiring Debut from ELEINE

Symphonic metal needs to be strong to survive. And Eleine demonstrates the evolving nature of the genre — with some thrillingly beautiful vocals, majestic musical mastery, iridescent invention and awe-inspiring ambition….


Anneke’s voice on this album is fresh, clean and visionary in its complexity. While the music takes us on so many wonderful trips … to spectral islands, salt caves and exotic night-time destinations. This is dream-like and thoroughly engaging…

STREAM OF PASSION Tour News and War Review

Progressive and jazzy, sometimes — ‘A War of Our Own’ is effervescent, drama-filled and often intriguingly anguished. Darkening riffs meet angelic violins, with keys that trill — and majestic vocals that shine as they continue to surprise and delight…

ILLUMINATA Arbitrary Asylum

The vocal from Katarzyna has an amazing interaction with the fiery fiddle-sound — just like a viper dancing on the edge of a burning sword. This operetta is stuffed with amazing ideas, musicality, quality orchestration and many, many dark cells. Come and find out.


This sizzles like the backbone rind on some chops in the pan — charcoaled with lots of grooving bass… But have these anthrax-infected zombies turned into wimps?

NIGHTWISH Bring Some Élan

This lightweight euro-pop-rock will squirrel itself into your mind before it plays havoc with your sleep patterns… Meanwhile, you’ll be left shivering on a wind-lashed edge … waiting for Jansen to arrive…

DYSRIDER Bury The Omen

Jonathan moans, screams, mews and growls — he performs vocal somersaults. These contrast with the purity and brightness of the voice from Joëlle. This is a fanfare of flavours and firestorms…